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60'S, 70'S & 80'S KITCH

If you are wondering what is 60'S, 70'S & 80'S KITCH, its all the items you may have seen either in your parents or grand parents house's more than likely in and around the above years. If you think about how a decade of domesticity changed our Nation's Kitchens, Gardens and overall decor, its surprising what is now highly collectible.. The drab colours of the 1950's, 60's and 70's kitchen and living rooms received a retro renovation of pale greens, blues, and reds. As time went on, floral patterns and designs were introduced, resembling the flower power or flare of the time, with stunning shapes and designs which are highly desirable today in our chic modern homes.

A lot of continental homes have a contrast of old and new mixed in, so if you are looking to decorate with flare, we have lots of items here at Pickering Antiques.

Our dealers in this area are so dedicated to finding these items for you. We hope you like this snapshot of their gallery. Do call in if you see something you love.

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