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Updated: May 22, 2019

While it might seem that the word antique and antiquity mean the same thing, there is actually quite a difference between what can be classed as antiquity,

The word "antique" is defined as something simply belonging to the past. This allows items from any era to be classed as antique. However, the word "antiquity" is defined as belonging to ancient times.  The difference being that a chair from 1900 is an antique, whereas Roman ruins are an antiquity. 

One of our newest dealers is an expert in antiquities, and has showcased a wonderful selection of items dating back as far as the Romans. These beautiful items are packed with so much history, each with it's own story to tell.

Each item on sale comes with it's own certificate of authenticity to ensure the purchaser is buying a genuine antiquity.

Today we are showcasing our shop window to you of Antiques covering Circa 1550 to 1580 AD upwards do get in touch if you are interested in these items and other selections showcasing this week 22-5-19

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