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car memorabilia mascot & Art Deco mascots

Its a good market product and a collectors dream if tyou love cars then you may love to collect iconic Mascots such as Car Badges, Car Signs, Petrol Cans, Advertising Signs, Manuals, Mascots especially the Art Deco ones can fetch a good price too ....

Car Mascots are a small sculptural model that fitted to the front of great cars often on the radiator grill ... They were very popular from 1920's to 1950's especially if you wanted to make a extra statement to your wealth in some cases.

They are normally made of materials such as Glass, Metal usually Zinc, Pewter or Aluminium. Lots of personalized cars usually had a statement piece of some stand out classy figurine but some were fitted to standard models of manufactured cars becoming part of a company's brand!

Some Mascots also can be found in various types such as Dogs, Animals and Art Deco Figurines... We are lucky enough to have a dealer that has around 300 in his collection that they are now selling on, they have devotedly collected over the years!

If this is of interest do pop down to Pickering Antiques and if their is something in particular you are looking for just ask and we will happily contact the dealer to see if they have what your looking. See some of the items in our photo gallery below.

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