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Edwardian ~Victorian~from 1600 century to modern day antiques and furniture dealer Ralph Shalom

Antique furniture is a great addition to any home, as well as being an investment.

So Ralph Shalom brings to our shop lots of different goodies.... Especially Furniture and Oil Paintings.... from Ken Johnson which if you see his Artist Blog on here for the full range on display for sale....

From a furniture point of view new is not always best...

A large proportion of modern furniture is not built to last and often ends up in landfill. However, quality antique furniture retains or increases in value as it stands the test of time and helps to make a house a home.

So if you are looking for items from a Chippendale Table to 20th Century antique slat back beech chairs, Mahogany Tables, Good Quality Coffers, Victorian Screens, Rosewood Oriental, items Rosewood or Walnut Tables and Barley Twist items we always have a revolving selection here at Pickering Antiques.

Many collectable paintings from various artists such as the late Ken Johnson many others you will find our walls full of delight's....

Fancy a decorative 1800 Century Boat in a Box in your study, A 19 Century Miniature Chaise Long or a Beautiful Mother of Pearl Lady s Working/Sewing Box..... a real feast of Items.

Nigel the Knight took 5 months to carve and comes in 3 pieces he is a stunning piece of work and long gone craftsmanship that really is a statement piece comes with history to the buyer only!!!!

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