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Shop Tour - Cabinet 30

We have many dealers in store, but none with quite so much stock as Joan and Bob from cabinet 30. This corner of our store boasts an impressive number of items, ranging in all sorts, sizes and prices.

Here, you will find popular items, such as glass and crystal decanters, Wade Ringtons money boxes, Portmerion china, Royal Albert tea sets, Lorna Bailey figurines, and more Spode than you can shake a stick at!

Not only is there so much to marvel at, but the prices are incredible too. You won’t find it hard to find a bargain here.

So if you’re coming to our store, make sure you swing by this area, but be warned, you might be here a while, and come away with a trinket or two! You’ll find this incredible selection upstairs in the room to the left, near the vintage clothes section.

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