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Shop Tour - Frenchic'd Steampunk

If you're in the market for a touch of France, combined with the fascinating world of steampunk, you're in the right place.

Frenchic'd Steampunk has an amazing array of items on store, from gorgeous vintage French oddities, to stupendous steampunk lights. Here you will find lots of interest, including coffee filters, glass decanters, vintage figurines, and much more.

But where Frenchic'd Steampunk really stands out is with its lighting. As shown in the pictures below, there are some astounding lighting fixtures, such as an old fire extinguisher turned into a table lamp. These have been handcrafted by the dealer himself, and look unbelievably good.

If you would like to find these items, you can do so in our store, upstairs in the retro room. You can't miss them! Grab these incredible beauties while you can, because they go as fast as they come in.

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