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Shop Tour - Robert Clark Design

One of our favored artists is the incredible Robert Clark Design. These stunning geometric panoramic designs are made up of thousands of tiny triangles to create an incredible and unique artistic style.

As a local artist, Robert's work focuses mostly on places from North Yorkshire. Each piece takes between 20-40 hours to create, and the result is tremendous.

Artwork ranges in size, with prices starting from as little as £10. Robert's work can be found downstairs opposite the counter, and is hard to miss. Next time you are in store, make sure you have a look and grab yourself some original artwork.

Not only that, but the ever talented Robert has also turned his hand to writing, self-publishing a series of thriller novels in a similar vein of Lee Child's Jack Reacher series. A selection of his books can be found by his artwork, so grab yourself a copy and jump into this incredible, globe-trotting series of journalist-turned-fugitive, James Stone as he attempts to clear his name.

Alternatively, you can get a copy via his website


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