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Want to be a dealer in the new year 2020?

Do you fancy becoming a dealer in Antiques and Collectables in the NEW YEAR 2020

Just get in touch with us here at Pickering Antiques we can talk you through what you would need to do... (WE HAVE AN OFFER ON FOR NEW DEALERS ONLY TO HELP YOU GET STARTED IN BUSINESS) Call us on 01751-472710 and speak to the manager Nicola Garrard for all the information you need!

We have up to 50 dealers here but we are always looking for new fresh dealers and items of interest for our customers to buy something quirky and eye-catching always sells well ...

If you are a dealer already and you're looking for more shops to display in too just give us a call on the number above!

Take a look at a brief at this video of just a few of our dealer's items and how they display them for our customers......

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